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Rope handle plastic bag
Rope handle plastic bag

Rope handle plastic bag

Manufacturer: VNK's


    Custom Order Accept
    Place of Origin Ninh Binh, Vietnam
    Brand Name VNKS international poly bag JSC
    Model Number Customer’s Mode
    Size Customized Size
  • Freeship
  • Genuine commitment
    Genuine commitment
  • Diverse payments
    Diverse payments
  • Nationwide Delivery
    Nationwide Delivery
Our products Flexi loop handle bag, rigid handle bag, tri fold bag, ribbon handle bag, t shirt/ vest carrier bag, T- shirt bag with block header, die cut bag, block header bag, mailing bag, coextruded bag, garbage bags, flat bag on rolls, patch handle bag, drawstring/ draw tape bag, wave top bag (varigauge bag), zipper bag, and so forth
Material HDPE/ LDPE/ LLDPE/MDPE, PP, OPP virgin or recycled, biodegradable additive, degradable as EPI or D2W
Size Any size customize or use our standard size (S, M, L, XL as option, Email us and ask for catalogue)
Specifications As customers’ requirement
Bag color Any color as choice
Printing Max to 12 colors design available/ CMYK,  Hot Foil, stamping, embossing, 100% ink coverage
Printing Technology Gravure or Flexo

Product warranty is an after-sales policy that represents thanks to customers for choosing to use our products.


  • Address: C3 Gian Khau Industrial Park, Ninh Binh province, Vietnam
  • Sales department: (+84) 091 6262 135
  • Hot line: (+84) 091 6262 135
  • Email: info@ksvn.com.vn
  • Website: www.ksvn.com.vn




* General mode:

- Warranty from 12 - 36 months

- 1 for 1 exchange within the first 30 days of defective products

- From the 31st onwards, there will be warranty according to the company's policy.

- During the warranty period, K'SVN will lend customers goods to use according to their current condition.

- Home warranty for the first 12 months.


* All products sold by K'SVN comply with the warranty conditions of the supplier and manufacturer. The following cases are considered violations of warranty conditions and are not covered by warranty:

- The product is consumed during use

- Product is defective due to short circuit, fire, explosion, or electrical problem...

- The product is out of warranty period (the product warranty period is shown on the delivery note cum warranty...).

- There is no warranty stamp from K'SVN, the distributor, the manufacturer or there is a warranty stamp that is invalid (torn, repaired, blurred and unreadable, peeling/peeling...).

- Serial numbers, barcodes, technical specifications on the product are invalid (blurred, unreadable, scraped, modified, torn, peeled/peeled, altered).

- Products are defective due to natural disasters (floods, fires,...)

- The product has the following conditions: The product is physically deformed such as: Fire, explosion, deformation, scratches, scratches, protrusions, dents, dented, distorted, cracked, broken,... The product is moldy, rust, moisture, liquid intrusion, yellowing, blurred writing, indelible writing,...

- Product damaged by mice, bugs or insects.

Payment methods are always an issue that needs to be researched before deciding to buy something. Below we send our customers payment methods when purchasing products from K INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY. 'SVN.

Payment methods when purchasing on the website:

When you purchase products on the website, you can choose to pay in the following forms:

  • Payment in cash
  • Payment by bank transfer


1. Payment in cash

1.1. Direct payment

Customers please pay directly when purchasing. The store's contact information is as follows:

  • Address: C3 Gian Khau Industrial Park, Ninh Binh province, Vietnam
  • Hotline: (+84) 091 6262 135
  • Email: info@ksvn.com.vn


1.2. Payment at delivery location  pays the delivery staff all or the remainder of the purchase order value (if a deposit has been made) in cash at the delivery location.

  • If you are in the suburbs, outside the Ninh Binh area, the goods will be sent via bus. You receive the goods and pay for the goods or the remainder of the purchase order (if a deposit has been made) plus the shipping fee to your home. car.
  • If you transfer money for a case or computer set, shipping will be 100% free (applies to all Northern provinces)
  • If the goods are shipped COD to the post office, you pay the cost of the goods plus shipping fees to the postal staff.


2. Payment by bank transfer:

Please transfer money to the following account:

  • Account name:
  • Account number:
  • Bank: